Lauren about

Lauren Neko is continually looking for ways to bring together disparate sounds of music. Repeatedly falling in back in love with the electronic music from the 90’s, the music that moves her is anything that combines the electronic with live vocal and instrumental elements.

As a live performer, she allows herself to get dissolved by whatever the music of the moment lends herself to. As a lyricist, Lauren reflects mostly upon the complexities of her own internal world, in such a way that many can relate back to their own unique thoughts, emotions and experiences. As a writer and producer, she pulls together the best electronic and live artists to experiment and enjoy the process of creation, just as much as the outcome.

Lauren Neko is a vocalist and creator of music that is looking beyond the formula of the club-driven, dance music arena. Through her new label Turn the Night, she wishes to deliver electronic music that brings back the art of full song writing and real instrumentation.

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Lauren Neko: The Vocalist

Lauren Neko's sound and delivery is direct, yet intriguing. Her international recording and performance career spans across Australia, UK and Europe.

Spending three years in Bristol and entrenched in the UK sound enabled Neko to reveal a style darker and more revealing. Neko has worked alongside Drum and Bass icon Roni Size and with the Jungle collective Urban Front, with releases confirmed for 2015. Neko has both performed and collaborated with rising star MC Frilla, and MC Speed Champion Daddy Freddy. She has had multiple releases with Bristol label Slime Recordings, and has recently been signed to their artist roster for 2016.

Lauren feels at home in House Music, creating and releasing music with many European and Australian artists. Top releases include the track ‘I Found You’ with Mobin Master, which featured on Ministry of Sound Housexy. EDM star Nicky Romero also remixed one of her more sultry vocal creations. Lauren has supported international star DJ Pierre and performed with House legends K-Klass. Notable events include playing at super club Hed Kandi in Ibiza and UK festivals Brisfest and Fantasia.

Lauren’s musicianship and technical ability cannot be understated, with over ten years experience as a tertiary trained vocal coach, instrumentalist and sound engineer. Whilst Lauren’s existing catalogue of music reflects music tailored more towards the nightclubs, her upcoming collaborations are focusing on a mix of electronica with a multi-instrument arrangement – opening up her sound to a wider and possibly more discerning yet appreciative audience.

Lauren Neko: Creative Director and Label Owner of Turn the Night

Whilst this is a relatively new part of her portfolio, Lauren is passionate about providing rewarding music experiences, especially to those who aren’t out partying to the current brash wave of EDM. Lauren is bringing together producers, DJs, vocalists, instrumentalists to revive the sounds of the best dance and electronic music from 90s, whilst featuring the best live talent.

If you’re a producer or instrumentalist (keys, bass, percussion, or other surprisingly awesome sound talent) who loves the early dance music sounds but wants to contribute in it’s unique recreation, please contact Lauren to discuss future opportunities.